Dynapac Pavers


With their state-of-the-art designs and unique features, they represent yet another example of Dynapac’s innovative thinking.

F2500 Series

Large Pavers (Tracked & Wheeled)

THE F2500 LARGE PAVER RANGE is designed with conventional electric control with high paving capacity and high quality Dynapac vario screed. The pavers feature an efficient drive concept, best in class operator comfort as well as ease of service – a perfect receipe for excellent paving results!

SD 2500C Series

Asphalt Pavers (Tracked)

THE DYNAPAC SD PAVERS combine decades of experience with constant innovation. During the development we have focused on the paving process and
paving quality as well as always customer satisfaction and success. The Dynapac SD range known as reliable machines features: gas or electric heating, standard or high capacity work, 4 different power classes offering a sustainable drive concept, with Eco mode or an optional high performance system called VarioSpeed.

All pavers come with the same service concept and operating system to ensure maximum uptime.

SD 2500W Series

Asphalt Pavers (Wheeled)

ATLAS COPCO´S DYNAPAC SD WHEELED PAVER RANGE provides two powerful options each with high-end features and the flexibility to adapt to varied site conditions. Key features are agility, power and intelligence, and they´re designed to meet and surpass your needs in terms of precision, efficiency and ergonomics. Our machines have a compact design and superior manouverability, together with an advanced new drive concept and the power to lay up
to 9 m working widths.

F1200C Series

Asphalt Pavers (Tracked)

INTRODUCING THE DYNAPAC F1200. A remarkably compact yet powerful asphalt paver. With a laying capacity of 300 tonnes per hour, and a wide range of working widths and material filling possibilities makes the Dynapac F1200 the perfect choice for the widest range of jobsites. Equipped with either gas or electrically heated, vibrating or tamping and vibrating screeds the Dynapac F1200 asphalt paver ensures high pre compaction and excellent surface quality.

This compact paver offers maximum reliability through the use of high quality components and state of the art design and manufacturing.

F1800 and SD1800 Series

Asphalt Pavers (Tracked & Wheeled)

THE DYNAPAC CITY PAVER has a laying capacity of 350 t/h and covers paving widths from 0.70 m up to 4.70 m. It is ideal for street and city road constructions and a perfect fit on repair jobs. The class is composed of four different models. Customers can chose from two operating systems: either the Conventional Control, a simple system, easy to operate and maintain; or PaveManager 2.0 which is a CANBased control system featuring a wide variety of automated functions. The machines are offered as Tracked or Wheeled.

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