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Mitsubishi Generator Series


The best-matched engine and generator systems
give world-class performance.

Response and stability designed to exceed user expectations
in a variety of applications.

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MGS Series

Diesel Engine Generator Sets

Mitsubishi MGS series is the diesel generator sets series designed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Japan, assembled / tested in our MHIES-V (Vietnam) and MHIES-A (Singapore) facilities with MHI-Japan made diesel engine as prime mover, and distributed to all over the world. We have confident in our products and quality, with more than 15 years of experience and more than 5000 units of successful delivery record in our facilities.

MGS series matches your requirement for stand-by or prime applications.

MGS B Series

Diesel Engine Generator Sets

Equipped with low voltage alternator. (380-415V for 50Hz and 380-480V for 60Hz).

MGS-C Series

For Continuous Operation
Diesel Engine Generator Sets

  • Equipped with low voltage alternator. (380-415V for 50Hz and 380-480V for 60Hz).
  • Digital Diesel Generator Control Lineup
  • Applied worldwide distribution systems design, without any modifications
  • Permanent Magnetic Generator (PMG) excitation system
  • Sealed type RMS sensing type AVR for highly reliable operation
  • 2/3 pitch and class H insulation system with VPI methods windings
  • Built-in current transformer for measurement, control and protection for both 400 V and 200 V class applications
  • Class H Insulation Materials with Class F Temperature Rise Applied

MGS-HV Series

-S Type Diesel Engine Generator Sets

Equipped with medium to high voltage alternator. (3.3–11kV for 50Hz and 3.3–13.8kV for 60Hz)

    MGS-DC Series

    For Mission Critical Operations

    MGS has added new lineup of data center specific power output ratings, which provide wider selection to mission critical power business segment users with trusted Mitsubishi Brand. MGS-DC Series aims to provide dependable back up power source to data center owners and users, who looks for highest availability and reliability, so that data center remains operational with no interruption even under unexpected power outage and secure its valuable data with safe condition.

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